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Custom-Fabricated Metal Products

Triangular Pyramid Factory for Metal Fabrications (TPMF) has built up a proud reputation for the reliability, quality and competitiveness of our steel and metal fabrication custom services, not only with our engineering customers but with architects and builders across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The combination of a friendly, professional service and the ability to meet tight delivery times has helped us to build up a large customer base, which has in turn enabled us to attract new business from outside Riyadh, therefore allowing us to expand our capacity and facilities. We have recently expanded and now operate from a 2000-meter facility, and have been investing in new technologies and machinery, all of which have enabled us to further expand our capabilities and become even more competitive.

Metal Hangar and Umbrellas

Need a shelter for your goods? Storage of any kind? Temporary or permanent, whatever the use, products or goods, TPMF offers hangars and umbrellas ofhigh standards and competitive prices.



Our fencing department can create many designs, ranging from standard to ornate for construction projects. All ornamental fencing is hand forged and installed at competitive prices. Our fabricators have more than 14 years of experience and all our work is 100% guaranteed.

Security Gates

Your security is of great importance to us. Wrought iron gates offer not only peace of mind regarding safety, but add beauty and style to your property as well. We will be with you from the design process all the way through to installation to make sure all of your security needs are met. Our fabricators have more than 18 years of experience and all of our gates are 100% guaranteed.

Iron Chairs, Tables, Closets, Bed, Windows and Doors.

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We offer a wide variety of ornamental iron repair, including: Wrought Iron Handrail (interior and exterior), Gates, Fencing, Wrought Iron Doors, Security Gates, and we are proud to offer Custom Welding Repair too.


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